KANT: Critique of Pure Reason [Prefaces, Introduction, Transcendental Aesthetic]

Speaking of David Hume’s radical empiricism and problem of induction, Immanuel Kant wrote, “I freely admit that the remembrance of David Hume was the very thing that many years ago first interrupted my dogmatic slumber and gave a completely different direction to my researches in the field of speculative philosophy.” Continue reading

HUME: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding [Sections I-VI]

David Hume is an 18th century Scottish philosopher, who once wrote “If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.” Continue reading

The unexamined life is not worth living.


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