Claudius’ Deception

I am starting to feel comfortable using Prezi. But there is still much room for improvement. Please leave feedback on the YouTube page in the comments section. Am I using too many visuals? Too few visuals? Is the video engaging?

The Great Conversation

After discovering that his uncle Claudius killed his father, Hamlet exclaims,“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain!” Shakespeare’s works often explore the theme of appearance versus reality, and the Tragedy of Hamlet is no exception. Claudius discovers just how difficult it is to conceal the truth. After all, “Stones have been known to move, and trees to speak. Augurs and understood relations have By magot pies and choughs and rooks brought forth The secret’st man of blood.”

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2 thoughts on “Claudius’ Deception”

  1. I never read Shakespeare, but the way you presented the story was entertaining and easy to understand. I liked the part when one of the characters is pouring poison in someones ear and I didn’t get it’s metaphorical mean until you said about the lies. Really nice !

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