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ST. AUGUSTINE: The City of God [Book XV-XVIII]

Book XV – St. Augustine comments upon the Biblical narrative from Genesis to the Flood. He draws a comparison between the establishment of two cities – the Heavenly and the Earthly. Both cities were founded upon a fratricide. The Heavenly city was founded after Cain slew Abel. Rome was founded after Romulus slew Remus. Among other things, he attempts to defend the veracity of the account given in the Bible about the longevity of the antediluvians, he discusses the instances of incest in the Biblical narrative, and he explains the human-like – and therefore imperfect – emotions of God. Continue reading ST. AUGUSTINE: The City of God [Book XV-XVIII]

ST. AUGUSTINE: Confessions [Book IX-XIII]

I read Books I-VIII of St. Augustine’s Confessions more than one year ago in June of 2013. The first eight Books recounted Augustine’s transformation from an immoral youth to a pious man. At the end of Book VIII, Augustine fully embraces the Christian religion after receiving a vision in a garden. Continue reading ST. AUGUSTINE: Confessions [Book IX-XIII]