PLATO: Phaedo

The Phaedo is a Platonic dialogue that relates the conversation between Socrates and his friends on the day of his execution. Given the circumstances, the conversation naturally turns to questions concerning death, the soul, and the afterlife. Continue reading PLATO: Phaedo

JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. XV, XX]

Ch. XV – The Perception of Time

The late 19th century American philosopher and psychologist, William James, once wrote, “A day full of excitement, with no pause, is said to pass ‘ere we know it.’ On the contrary, a day full of waiting, of unsatisfied desire for change, will seem a small eternity.” In this lecture, we will discuss James’ thoughts upon the perception of time, as outlined in Chapter 15 of his Principles of Psychology. Continue reading JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. XV, XX]

DOSTOEVSKY: The Brothers Karamazov [Part III-IV]

Part III of The Brothers Karamazov begins with Book VII, which is entitled Alyosha. In this book, Alyosha undergoes a crisis of faith after Father Zosima’s death. The abnormally quick decay of Zosima’s body and the foul odor that it emits intensifies Alyosha’s despair, causing him to leave the monastery and follow his friend Rakitin to Grushenka’s house. Continue reading DOSTOEVSKY: The Brothers Karamazov [Part III-IV]