HOMER: The Iliad [Book V]

In Book V of Homer’s Iliad, the Grecian hero Diomedes enters the battle. He is wounded by an arrow, but Minerva heals Diomedes and grants him the power to discern between the mortals and the gods on the battlefield. With his new sight, Diomedes begins to attack the Trojans Pandarus and Aeneas. Diomedes kills Pandarus and then turns his attention to Aeneas. Continue reading HOMER: The Iliad [Book V]

HOMER: The Iliad [Book IV]

In Book IV of Homer’s Iliad, the Olympian gods convene to discuss the Trojan War. They decide that the war shall continue, so Jove sends Minerva to Troy in order to break the truce to which the Trojans and Grecians had agreed before the duel between Menelaus and Paris began. Minerva persuades the Trojan Pandarus to shoot Menelaus with an arrow. Continue reading HOMER: The Iliad [Book IV]